Amazing Transparent Bubble Tents

The bubble tents provide a whole new approach to camping, first by being more connected to the environment, and then by providing a more luxurious setting. Probably the best way to sleep under the stars, they can be installed on any flat surface.
The bubble tents, which were first designed as a way for campers to explore nature without leaving a negative impact on the environment, are only about 13 feet in diameter. Their small size makes them relatively easy to pack up and tot away. While the Attrap’Rêves Hotel is not exactly roughing it outdoors (the tents come with comfortable furniture and during the warmer seasons, guest can choose spots with jacuzzis), the destination is certain to be a unique experience that puts you right into nature.

Transparent Bubble Tents


Transparent Bubble Tents


Transparent Bubble Tents


Transparent Bubble Tents


It would be a rather unusual experience to be able to camp outdoors in this modern-styled mobile hotel with furnishings that are otherwise foreign to the rugged outdoors.


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