Ark Hotel of China is remarkable achievement of worldand designed by Russian firm Remistudio.
Propose of this arch-shaped floating hotel as a refuge from even extreme floods, the futuristic structure has the ability to exist autonomously on the surface of the water. Designed to be a bioclimatic building, the Ark incorporates several innovative green strategies and elements to ensure that its residents can survive aboard for months at a time.
A load-bearing system of arches and cables allows weight redistribution along the entire corpus in case of an earthquake.


ark hotel of china


ark hotel of china


ark hotel of china


ark hotel of china structure


> Architects say the Ark's shell-like construction of arches and cables evenly distribute weight so it is also invulnerable to earthquakes.
> The design uses solar panels and a rainwater collection system to provide inhabitants with power and water.
> The greenhouse-like environment also provides for lush vegetation to help with air quality and provide food sources.
> Because of the see-through structure enough daylight is filtered through internal rooms to reduce the need for lighting.
> And to ensure quality of light, the frame is protected with a self-cleaning layer.



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