Boss Hoss for those on wheelchair !!

Boss Hoss Cycles, manufacturer of America’s ultimate V8 powered cycles, has teamed up with V-8 Performance, Inc., creators of the Hossfly, to produce the Boss Hoss Advantage Trike, the first wheelchair accessible trike that is tailored specifically to the disabled rider. The new Advantage Trikes are scheduled for release in September 2008.
Starting from the idea that everybody should be able to benefit of the Boss Hoss V8 rumble, the innovative manufacturer practically transformed their trike. A lift was added as well as hand controls and that was enough to make handicapped people happy.


Boss Hoss for those on wheelchairs


Boss Hoss wheelchairs


Boss Hoss for those on wheelchairs


In order for the project to become reality, V-8 Performance, Inc. was involved and Boss Hoss Cycles ended up producing the Boss Hoss Advantage Trike. The first wheelchair accessible trike is scheduled to see production this September.
The wheelchair lift is built into the chassis and hidden by the fiberglass body so there will be no difference between a normal Boss Hoss trike and the Advantage trike.



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