The Cloud Sofa currently in hypothetical existence is the brainchild of D.K. Wei, who won an honorable mention for it in Yanko Design's 2009 RELAX furniture concept contest. The levitating, heavenly-looking pillow achieves its state of gravity defiance with the help of magnets. A magnetic force generated by the bottom base pushes against and holds steady the cloud, even when persons of average weight are sitting, lying, or getting high and pretending to go to World 5 of Super Mario Bros. 3 on it.


cloud magnetic floating sofa


cloud magnetic floating sofa

Cloud is a sofa concept designed for ultra comfort and relaxation. The soft floating upper part is supported by the magnetic force generated by the bottom base. No matter if you want to work and sit with comfort or simply a power nap to release the stress, you can always enjoy your time to relax on the floating cloud.
Sadly, this Cloud sofa still remains a concept now, but I would love to try it out. Granted, I wish there was some support for your back, as I would love to work on my laptop while resting on this.



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