OLED is a new display technology. Using light-emitting organic materials, beautiful and efficient displays can be created. OLEDs are very thin, and in fact can be put on flexible materials (plastic or metal foil). So it's possible to make bendable, flexible displays. Because these displays will not be covered with glass, they'll also be more durable - and virtually shatter-proof.
Flexible OLEDs are still in the R&D phase - and there aren't any products on the market yet. Samsung and LG Display seems to be the closest to commercialization. Samsung seems to be leading flexible OLED commercialization - they launched their YOUM flexible OLED panels in January 2013, showing some cool prototypes of curved and flexible OLED displays:


Flexible OLED youm displays


Flexible OLED youm displays windows


Flexible OLED youm displays samsung


Samsung showcased its new display technology, known as Youm, at the Consumer Electronics Show in January. The company said it was originally looking to bring its flexible display technology to consumer devices by the end of 2013 or early 2014. Of note, rival handset and display-maker LG has announced plans to be the first company to incorporate flexible displays into smartphones later this year.



Watch video - OLED flexible Youm display by samsung



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