Over the years, cars that fly have tended to suck at both flying and being cars, so to fix that problem, Terrafugia's just unveiled its TF-X, an insane and awesome 200mph-going, hybrid-powered car that has a range of up to 500 miles per flight. It's under development now, but this thing is going to be REAL. Really.
It's basically an electric car with a gas-powered engine that both propels the car forward when it's flying and charges the electric motor; for takeoff, a pair of 300hp rotors provide the vertical lift before folding themselves up tighter than that Asian dude in Ocean's Eleven.
The designers claim the average person can learn how to fly it in five hours, or just a little longer than it takes to qualify as a pilot for JetBlue, thanks to a host of technical aids like automatic takeoff and landing, weather monitoring to determine if landing is safe, and an alert system that, if you don't respond, will declare an emergency for you and let air traffic control know you're out cold.


flying car Terrafugia TF-X


flying car Terrafugia TF-X


flying car Terrafugia TF-X




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