Earlier We have posted about Pool on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands, now here is an Ohm Residential Tower. A very unusual building came to my attention a few days ago. Shaped like the Greek symbol Ohm, the proposed approximately 30 Storeys Bandra Ohm residential tower (named the Parinee Ism by the architects), currently under construction in Mumbai, India, is designed to evoke the ripple effect generated by water droplets, also known as capillary waves. According to designers James Law Cybertecture, the outline of the tower demonstrates the fluidity and dynamic nature of the ripple. The design features a central void containing an orb-shaped clubhouse. Even more striking, however, are the glass-walled swimming pools on the balconies.


Bandra Ohm Residential Tower Exterior


Glass Pool Design in Bandra Ohm Residential Tower


 Residential Tower Bandra Ohm


Bandra Ohm Residential Tower


The main attraction of this buildings are Swimming pools. Swimming pools are designed to resolve the high-rise building – pool fabulous wavy glass to add drama to act as a balcony for stunning city views.



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