Designed by Nathan Davis, this wrist worn MP3 player has been designed specially for runners. Davis has loaded this music player with all the features which are present in normal MP3 players.


Latest wrist MP3 player designed for runners


Latest wrist MP3 player designed for runners


This music player features an OLED screen, which has been placed under a polycarbonate layer to keep it safe from scratch. The jog wheel is present on this Mp3 player’s outer edge. This jog wheel has bumps and it can be rotated in either direction. The jog wheel features a tactile sensitive ring. The song tracking and volume is controlled by this jog wheel. A button is also fitted on the outside, which allows the user to switch between volume and tracking mode as and when required. This MP3 player is free from headphone jack because it uses Bluetooth headphone. This wrist worn MP3 player lacks GPS capability. This unique and modern MP3 player displays time as well.


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