How to turn a photo black and white

You may find several ways to actually to this,but we are posting the way which we think is easier to implement.

Let us begin.....

First of all,you need to load an image in the photoshop.This can be done by clicking on the open in the file menu in the at the top.

This is the original pic which i will be working on.











After loading an image,duplictae the layer by choosing Layer>Duplicate layer.



















You may notice a window where you will be told to give a name to the layer.There is no need to name that layer,but you can if you want and click OK.Now go into mage>Adjustments>Gradient Map.



















Choose the Black/White gradient. This will turn your entire photo b&w.











Here is the desired result for you.











You can also reverse the colours as follows:.











This is the result which u will get to see.











Similarly,you can change the look and feel of your image by selecting different gradients.

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