Photoshop Type-Creating Warped Text

In this photoshop tutorial,you will look at Photoshop's built-in Warp text options using which you can easily twist as well as stretch type into all kinds of shapes. No matter which warping option we choose,the text itself remains live and editable,which allows you to return back and edit the text whenever we feel a need to.This feature of warped text is a huge advantage over other advanced text effects that we use.

Another advantage with the Warp Text options is that the warping effects themselves also remain 100% fully editable. Warp Text options are fast and easy to use, even for beginners!

Let us begin.....

First of all,you need to load an image in the photoshop.This can be done by clicking on the open in the file menu in the at the top.

After loading an image,you need to write a text on it.











After writing the text,you may find two layers in the layer panel at the extreme right bottom.Your type layer will be placed above the background layer.








You may notice that,your type layer is highlighted in the layer panel.Before appyling the Warp Text options,we need to have the type layer selected.We also need to have the type tool selected.It will be done as follows.



With the type tool in your hand and the type layer selected in the layers panel,click on the Warp text option in the Options bar.It is the icon which looks similar to letter T with a curve line below it.




This will open your Warp text Dialog box where we can choose the warping option that are to be applied on our text.By default,your style option will be set to none,which is why your text is without any effect as yet..











If you will click on the word "none", you will be able to see a list of different warp styles which you can choose.In my example,I am choosing the style"Arc ".As soon as I select the style,it will be applied to my text in the background giving me an instant preview of it.











Once you have choosen a style,you can adjust the intensity of the warping effect using the Bend option.By default,the Bend value is set to 50%,but it can be adjusted by simply dragging the slider left and right.I have dragged the slider towards left to lower my bend value down to 30%.











Now,you can see the warping effect.If we continue dragging the Bend slider towards the left, past the mid-way point, we'll move into the negative percentage values. I'll drag my Bend value to -35%.
This changes the shape of the bend from positive to negative so that the text now arcs downward instead of up:











Now,if I check vertical and set the value of bend to +15%,a different effect will be seen











In this way,by changing the bend value you can give different effects to your text.

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