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Now Days, Downloading Torrent File through IDM (Any other Download Manager) is going very popular and Even Everyone using these Methods rather than using torrent Client (Utorrent, Bittorrent...etc). So here we are posting the Trick by which you can download Torrent files from IDM upto 8gb file.

Just Follow Simple Steps :

Step 1 – First Download and Install IDM (Internet download Manager) or any other download manager.

Step 2 – Now Copy Any Torrent link Address or Download the Torrent File.


download torrent link









Step 3 – Now Visit site .

Step 4 – Paste the Link Address or Upload the Torrent File.

zbigz torrent download


Step 5 – Now Click on Go .

Step 6 – select free version of download, wait till your file become ready to download, after waiting download your file as shown in screenshot.


download form torrent






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