speed up windows performance

Removing unwanted Startup Applications:

Sometimes even after the pc starts, few programs keeps on loading thereby stopping you from performing your operations.In some cases, you might come across a strange WINDOWS error known as “Blue Screen Of death”.To avoid this you have to limit the number of startup programs.Lesser the number of startup programs greater will be the pc startup speed.

  •  Press” Windows key + R”(shortcut key for RUN)
  • A RUN box will open .Type “Msconfig” (without quotes) in the RUN box and hit ENTER. It will take you to the “system configuration”.
system config


  • Select “START UP” from the Tab’s at the top and uncheck all the unwanted programs that you don’t want to get started along with startup. Now click “OK” and then “APPLY”.Restart the pc you will definiately notice an improvement in startup and booting speed.

Delete all the Temporary files and folders:

Windows stores some temporary files which are created while you are running any sort or applications. Deleting those Temporary files will helps you to increase your PC Performance during normal usage. Follow the steps below to delete the temporary files

  • Press” Windows key + R”. 
  • In the RUN box type “%temp%” (without quotes) and hit enter.
  • It will take you to a Folder where all the Temporary files are stored. Select and delete all the files. You may not delete all the files there, just skip those files which are undeletable.

Delete all the Temporary files and folders:

Disk clenup

Disk cleaning will delete all your temporary files from any drive of your Disk. Here is the Procedure...

Press” Windows key + R”.  Type “cleanmgr” (without Quotes) and hit enter. Select the particular Disk that you want to Clean and click on “OK” and now you can delete all the temporary files. Repeat the same procedure for all the drives and it will really free some amount of memory in every drive.

Reduce Files on Desktop:


Move all the files on your Desktop to any other separate drive.Every shorcut on desktop consumes 20kb of your RAM.If there are too many shortcuts then it is definitely going to effect the performance speed of your computer.You can use shortcuts on the desktop for easy navigation (Shortcuts are less in memory).




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