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facebook chat

Facebook has decided to keep us busy with an update that is similarly awesome: You can now post comments in the form of a photo upload...




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Speed up your windows performance

Here we have a trick using which you can easily speed up your windows perfomance thereby making it run faster than what it used to be before.



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facebook tips

Now Days, Downloading Torrent File through IDM (Any other Download Manager) is going very popular and Even Everyone using these Methods rather than using torrent Client (Utorrent, Bittorrent...etc). So here we are posting the Trick by which you can download Torrent files from IDM upto 8gb file...


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How to Create a Harmless Funny Virus with Notepad-Continuously eject CD/DVD drives

Here we have a trick using which you can Create a Harmless Funny Virus with Notepad-Continuously eject CD/DVD drives.Enter and learn more about it



Posted on October 25, 2012 – 10:45 pm

The latest lab feature is the ‘offline gmail’ – to access gmail from computer,which ultimately gives the power to download all or selected gmail mails or messages to your pc for the offline use. Offline Gmail is still an early experimental feature.


Posted on October 06, 2012 – 05:45 pm

YouTube does not allow you to repeat your favorite YouTube video, but there are plenty of third-party services that will allow you to repeat a video.




Posted on October 2, 2012 – 08:58 pm
facebook tips

Here we have the best faceebook tips that will help a new user know more about facebook which is a no. 1 social networking site.Enter and explore more about it




Posted on September 21, 2012 – 05:58 pm
Keyboard trick

As we know keyboards having 3 LEDs 1. NUM LOCK 2.CAPS LOCK 3.SCROLL LOCK Here is a trick to use the lights of your keyboard in a more creative manner in Windows. This trick uses a simple Visual basic script which when activated makes your scroll lock, caps lock and num locks LED's flash in a cool rhythmic way which gives the perception of a live disco on your keyboard.




Posted on September 21, 2012 – 05:45 pm
notepad trick

As some of you might be knowing that the flight number of the plane that had hit World Trade Center on that dreadful day (9/11) was Q33NY. Now call this trick a coincidence or anything else but whatever it is, it does startle us. you will be definately amazed by the this trick.



Posted on September 15, 2012 – 07:45 pm
keep your system faster

Wondering how to speed up your computer? Follow these tips and you will definately be successfull in making your system run faster.




Posted on September 09, 2012 – 04:17 pm
Top 10 unknown Google tricks

Below I have compiled a list of 10 clever Google tricks that I believe everyone should be aware of. Although there are many others out there, these 10 tricks are my all-time favorite. Enjoy yourself.



Posted on august 08, 2012 – 10:30 pm
Cool ASCII Symbols For Messenger Status

Do you like to decorate your instant messenger’s status with unique messages? Or once in a while you might notice some friends of yours placing some symbols in the chat boxes, status messages, etc. Here are some examples to give you an idea how these symbols look like.



Posted on july 21, 2012 –03:24 pm
put cartoon pictures on facebook chat as smiley

After our slang short codes for chatting, here is another post, which is more cool, which produces some amazing faces inside the chatbox. Just copy and paste the codes of the images into the chat box and press enter, and see the magic.Enter to learn more.



Posted on july 21, 2012 –11:54 am
facebook status in blue text

We already posted many cool tricks related to Facebook like Trick to share blank post on Facebook , Send profile pics as smiley in facebook chat and many more so today we are again back with another amazing trick for posting Blue text messages on Facebook wall or commenting with your message in Blue Color. Well sowhen ever person will click on the status he will be taken to his own profile. So just check out the steps and have fun.



Posted on july 12, 2012 –11:30 pm
slang short codes

Here we have fullform of almost all the slang short codes used nowadays while chatting wid your friends on social networking sites like facebook,google+,twitter etc.




Posted on june 28, 2012 –11:40 am
hidden  golden eggs in angry birds facebook

Here we have ten Golden Eggs hidden throughout Angry Birds Facebook. These were formerly known as, “Easter Eggs”, but as we predicted the latest update to Angry Birds Facebook saw them moved to their own episode and renamed as, “Golden Eggs”. You now have even more reason to work your way through the Facebook levels."



Posted on june 09, 2012 –06:10 pm
Best facebook trick ever

Here is a trick with the help of which you can update your status or photos from any device of your choice without even having any device. i.e. You can update your Facebook profile status via iPhone 4 even without having it.



Posted on june 07, 2012 –02:10 pm
Facebook prank

Hello, In this trick we will tell you how to make fun with your Facebook friends. Well this prank is very old and common. Once upon a time even we were a victim of this prank. So now we have decided to share it with you.



Posted on may 14, 2012 –03:10 pm
Recover your deleted data

Sometimes we delete the files permanently, and realize that deleting them is like a Blunder...worry not guys,now you can easily recover your deleted data.You just need to follow our tutorial and your done.Have a nice day.......



Posted on may 08, 2012 –11:10 pm
Speed up firefox

Firefox is a well-known open source browser and is widely used around the world for it being secure, stable and fast.The reason behind the slow Internet speed in Firefox browser is that it uses a less number connection to retrieve data for a website and by implementing simple tricks we can make the Firefox browser to make multiple connections to a website and retrieve data simultaneously.Enter to see how....



Posted on april 30, 2012 –07:10 pm
Query Google Results Via Sms

SMS’s are one of the most preferred mode of communication among people. Usually people believe that Internet is the only way to get google results. Recently Google has launched a new service that gives you access to Movie show times, Locations of local businesses, Word meanings, weather forecast, Product prices and much more...



Posted on april 28, 2012 –08:10 pm
any folder as photo folder

This tricks shows you how to setup any folder to display its contents as a photo folder.Enter and learn,how this trick actually works...




Posted on april 24, 2012 –10:10 pm
customize your own keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts are a very important and fast method to launch applications.Like for opening command prompt we use window+R. Everyone has different set of programs that they use frequently. By using this trick you can create a custom shortcut for any program. We don’t need any third party software to create these shortcuts.You can use this trick in Windows Xp, Vista and Windows 7



Posted on april 15, 2012 –10:10 pm
a to z keyboard shortcuts

Here you will get almost all the keyboard shortcuts which will provide an easier and usually quicker method of navigating and using computer software programs.Enter and explore it.



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