60 Second Heist Review
60 Second Heist Review

Are you looking for the 60 Second Heist review? OK, we have it for you here. Even for seasoned heisters, 60 seconds to complete a job leaves little room for error. A heist like that has to be carefully planned and played to the millisecond. 

A petty thief could not pull off such meticulous work. Someone with the skill set of, say, Memphis Raines, the retired auto thief from ‘Gone in 60 Seconds,’ who had to steal 50 cars in one night to save his brother’s life, would be required. 

If you haven’t seen the film, Memphis Raines was played by Nicolas Cage, so you know something major is about to happen.

60 Second Heist Review: RTP, Volatility, and Slot Features

So it is in developer 4ThePlayer’s 60 Second Heist, a game that is largely based on the 2000 film involving cash, cars, and crooks. It also offers an innovative, if not completely unique, time-based bonus round with the potential to go nuts in more ways than one. 

Let’s set the scene, which takes place on a seaside street behind a red supercar speeding beside a police cruiser. If the cops are on them, does it suggest the heist took longer than the allowed 60 seconds?

1. The Graphic and Setting

The setting has a South of France, Monaco, or Californian vibe about it. 4ThePlayer has kept this section open so that players can choose the area that best suits their ideas. 

The first thing that came to mind when we saw this game was not a slot machine, but the iconic video game series Outrun. On the down side, the noise reels made as they spun kind of destroyed the vibe, however this could be a kink in the early demo that 4ThePlayer plans to fix.

2. RTP, Volatility, and Paytable

Numbers are one of 60 Second Heist’s strongest aspects with high volatility, as it is a very unpredictable slot with stakes ranging from 10p to £/€10. The potential return value of the goodwill starts at 96.5%, with hits occurring at a frequency of 21.34%. 

To get the game’s 60,000x maximum payout, you’ll need to maximize the progressive multiplier during free spins. Ten standard symbols line the 5×4, 1,024 ways game field in 60 Second Heist to help you get there.

The 10-A royals, which are worth 1-2x the stake for five of a kind, are followed by dollar bills, diamonds, gold, and two-character symbols, which are worth 2 to 4x the stake for five of a kind. 

Depending on whether you’re playing the regular game or the bonus game, wilds might take two different shapes. Wilds work the same way in either state, substituting for all symbols except the scatter.

3. Slot Features

Extras exist in both phases of play, with a Turbo Lock Respins feature in the main game. The true excitement begins when the bonus round is triggered, which awards a timed round of free spins.

Turbo Lock Respins

After any winning base game spin, this feature may be triggered. While the remaining positions respin, all winning symbols are locked in place. Any new winning symbols cause a respin to be triggered. This process continues for another five seconds, after which the winner is awarded.

Win Time Free Spins

Scatter symbols appear on reels 1, 3, or 5, and three of them appear together to activate the free spins bonus. Players are not given a defined number of spins in this game. Instead, a clock begins counting down from 60 seconds and finishes until it reaches zero. 

If this happens while the reels are spinning, the current spin and any wins related to it are paid out before the feature ends. Keep an eye on the top of the reels where a light is progressing. Every time it completes a full lap, the win multiplier grows by one, which is used to all further wins.

During the free spins, a couple of special symbols may appear. One is the Boost Scatter, which for a limited time boosts the pace of the reels spinning, the win total, and the light moving around the board. Extra Time Scatters can also appear, which add seconds to the clock.

Bonus Bet

Players can change a slider on the bonus bet option where it is offered. Increasing the bet increases your chances of winning free spins. The prices will be clearly stated.

Our Results

It’s hard not to admire what 4ThePlayer is doing right now. They are quite transparent about statistics as they carve out a unique niche for themselves by using uncommon themes and innovative, or almost original, gameplay. 

We say relatively original because, while a timed bonus round is rare, we’ve seen it before, most notably in Push Gaming’s Joker Troupe and Land of Zenith. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, like those slots, but at the very least, it’s something new to try.

However, Win Time Free Spins received mostly helpful results. There were a few minor issues, such as the extremely slow speed with which the Extra Time indicator floats to the timer. Enjoy this slot at qqslot.

It seems to take a minute, and it could have been better if scatters took fewer seconds but completed the task faster. Finally, that is our result for this 60 Second Heist review

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