Beware, Gambling Takes You to Jail

Gambling is a game that is very popular nowadays. Many people are just trying to make gambling as a hobby. There are many people who depend on gambling for their lives.

Even though there is a lot of evidence that you did not realize that gambling takes you to jail.

Many years ago gambling was only played via offline but lately gambling is also done online or via the internet.  Many website providers provide situs slot online gambling.

This of course has a bad impact or is detrimental to everyone, especially you as students who try to play gambling.

You will get the effect that gambling takes you to jail, you must deal with the authorities when they should be in the school environment to study.

Many people including you may not care about the bad effects of gambling, that gambling takes you to jail.

You may not know that this is all regulated by the government in laws where gambling and the like will put the perpetrators in jail

Now many people have to languish in prison just for playing gambling. They were charged with gambling. They are also imprisoned for committing crimes.

There are many examples of crimes committed simply because of an obsession with gambling.

These criminal acts include robbery, murder and of course there are many other crimes that can make a gambler languish in prison.


As gambling takes you to jail, the government without a doubt forbids every citizen to stay away from gambling, this is of course because of the many negative impacts caused by gambling.

Another reason for the emergence of this gambling regulation is because gambling itself is prohibited by any religion.

The government is serious enough to issue a law to prohibit gambling which aims to have an effect on gamblers.

The following is proof of the government’s seriousness in fighting gambling regulated in the Criminal Code:

Gambling according to Article 303 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code

“It is every game, which is based on hope, makes winning dependent on luck, and that hope increases because of the intelligence and habits of the players.

Another thing that is included in gambling games is betting on the decisions of other games, and all games that contain other bets.

If you look at the definition of gambling as stated in Article 303 paragraph (3) of the Criminal Code, then all activities as described in the statement above can be categorized as gambling.

According to R. Soesilo, a legal expert who explained about gambling which in his book contains the Criminal Code (KUHP) and its Complete Comments Article by Article (p. 222).

People who play gambling can be punished according to Article 303 of the Criminal Code, while those who also participate in the game can be punished according to Article 303 bis of the Criminal Code.


Of all that has been discussed about the law that prohibits gambling, of course there is nothing wrong and should even be able to make us stop gambling. The threat given by the government is not a joke.

Get out of the gambling environment and if for those of you who are not involved, don’t ever try to play gambling because gambling is against the law, and of course gambling takes you to jail if you get caught.