how much do bars make on slot machines

Slot machines have been a long-time favorite in bars due to their ability to provide additional revenue. Although the exact earnings depend on several factors, many bars enjoy significant profits due to the presence of these engaging devices. Here’s a breakdown of how much bars can make on slot machines.

Revenue Generation through Slot Machines

To begin, it’s important to consider the revenue that slot machines generate individually. A high-performing machine can make anywhere from $45 to $100 per day. In a bar setting, this can vary significantly based on factors such as location, general foot traffic, and the popularity of the machines. This is how much bars can make on slot machines.

Collections and Profits

The profits of a bar from slot machines aren’t solely determined by the machine’s daily earnings. Also of significant consideration is the arrangement between the bar owner and the slot machine owner. Many times, these machines are owned by vendors who lease the space in a bar. In this arrangement, profits are often split evenly between the bar and the machine owner.

Assuming an average daily profit of $75 per machine, and the machine operates 30 days a month, we’re looking at $2,250 monthly earnings. After a 50-50 split between the bar and the vendor, the bar could make roughly $1,125 per machine per month.

Other Factors

Machine Count

The number of machines a bar has can greatly impact profits. Most bars have between 1 to 5 machines, which can mean anywhere from $1,125 to $5,625 per month assuming the figures above. However, there are laws that limit the number of machines a bar can have. So the overall profit of how much bars can make on slot machines is quite big.


Taxes also play a role in diminishing the gross earnings from slot machines. An establishment must consider both federal and state taxes, which can be anywhere from 30% to 50% of the earnings, depending on the state.

Maintenance Cost

Operation costs such as maintenance and repair can also affect the profit margins. Regular maintenance is vital to keep a machine running efficiently, and these costs add up over time.

Lastly, customer playing habits should be considered. Some bars might have a busy day at the slots once a week, while others might see consistent use throughout a week. Trends in slot machine play can fluctify quite a bit.

In Conclusion

While it’s challenging to state definitively how much bars make on slot machines due to various contributing factors, it’s evident that slot machines present a lucrative opportunity for bar owners. 

A well-placed and maintained slot machine, respecting all the principles and laws involved, can significantly increase the bar’s profits. More than just a gaming device, a slot machine can be viewed as both a source of entertainment and revenue for bars.

It’s worth noting that while the potential of making money with slot machines is high, it should be balanced with the ethical implications, right licensing, and dealing responsibly with elements of gambling addictions among patrons. Responsible operation of slot machines can help bars carve a niche, while also providing an additional source of revenue. That is all about how much bars can make on slot machines. For more info, go ahead and visit gebyar123

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