How to Overcome Tired Eyes When Playing Poker

Eyes will feel tired from staring at a smartphone or computer screen for a long time. Before your eyes get tired, you should limit the time to play poker or other online games. How to overcome tired eyes when playing pkv games online? Here is a full explanation.

When your eyesight starts to get tired, don’t ignore it because it can have a negative impact. Moreover, smartphone and computer screens have the potential to emit radiation that is harmful to the eyes. As a result, the eyes become red, swollen, watery, and sore.

Is Online Poker Addictive

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Everything related to the internet is definitely addictive. Poker and online gambling players admit that in one day they can spend more than 3 hours playing bets. Tired eyes, ironically, playing time starts at night.

Getting addicted to playing online poker like playing ohama poker. Can bring financial and health problems. It’s a good idea to limit playing time to a maximum of 1 hour. If you often lose, you should stop playing poker to rest while clearing your mind.

What Are the Signs of Online Poker Tired Eyes

Eyes that experience fatigue from playing online poker for too long show the following signs:

  • Both eyeballs start to water because the smartphone or pc screen makes the eyes rarely blink.
  • Screen brightness that is too bright makes the eyes become blind to the light.
  • Both eyes felt very heavy and became red.
  • Eyes feel drier and look shriveled.
  • Vision becomes blurred and tends to see a double shadow effect on every object seen.
  • If you have sensitive eyes to light, it will make your head feel very dizzy.

The signs of tired eyes after playing poker are often ignored to the point of disastrous. Many people experience eye minus and sore eyes after becoming addicted to online poker. That’s why it’s so important to know how to overcome tired eyes.

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How to Overcome Tired Eyes When Playing Poker

It is certain if staring at the monitor screen for a long time makes the eyes tired. Before things happen that are not desirable, then immediately deal with the following ways:

  • Rest your eyes for a moment and shift your focus to the surrounding object. For example grass, trees, and green pictures.
  • Adjust the eye distance with a PC or smartphone screen.
  • Adjust the lighting of the PC or smartphone screen so that it is not too bright.
  • After an hour of playing should stop and take a nap or compress the eyes. Relax your eyes with a cold spoon or a towel soaked in cold water so your eyes don’t get tired easily.
  • Take advantage of cucumbers to refresh the eyes. The trick is to slice a few cucumbers and place the slices over the eyeballs while closing them.

How to deal with tired eyes above is very helpful to avoid damage to the eye nerves and make the eyes fresh again. Playing good poker is not excessive and makes playing portions that are safe for health. In addition, avoid staying up until the morning to play poker because it endangers the health of the body and eyes.

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