How to Play Lottery and Avoid Being Scammed

Lottery players must understand how to play lottery so as not to get scammed. Ever heard of lottery scams? Yeah, about 50% of all the lottery scams are conducted online. This is because anyone can alter the e-mail addresses and phone numbers used to appeal to potential victims.

Instead of customers receiving unsolicited promotional spam, these thieves are trying to con them with something even more dangerous. They are, for example, fishing for their personal information or banking information.

But, these criminals are getting much smarter with their techniques. More and more, they are relying on new spam tactics and blends in with the e-mail spam that already exists.

They are probing for the usual things: Yahoo, Google, and PayPal are the most popular Soft Machines for lottery scams.

If you receive an email that you are not expecting or breaking any of the rules and codes associated with scams (as we outline below), do not respond.

Instead, delete the email and see if you can locate where the spammer went to basically disappear.stuff like this sends from people names, addresses, and the like.

If you have received an email that you are not expecting, check the address given. If you can’t find where that email is coming from, don’t reply.

The point is, once you receive an email that you aren’t expecting, you will have no choice but to delete it and refer to the ‘ trash ‘ folder located at the bottom of your email inbox.

If you receive an email from someone asking you for banking or other information associated with your online account, be sure to check the ‘ trash ‘ folder located at the bottom of your email inbox.

This folder is usually labelled with the word trash and often having trash in it indicates that the email is not from a real company, rather it is trash and that you should not reply.

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Other Important Tips How to Play Lottery to Avoid Being Scammed


When creating an internet account to play an online lottery, it’s important to choose a reliable online payment method. These payment methods, also known as electronic wallets, give you the ease of using your deposited funds with relatively low anonymity.

You should keep in mind that when you create an online financial account you are making a very important transaction.

The prior has to be disclosed to the appropriate authorities and it is very important you know everything about the records of the online payment method you are using.

See the tips on how to play lottery for seriously stole done when creating an online financial account( Return-sourcing your transactions via the internet is a little more complicated and should require some extra effort on your part, however secure transactions via electronic wallets is generally secure and safe).

When creating an online financial account you should use the last disposable salary method to cover your transactions. The ‘Sms-X’ method of sending money from your mobile phone is popular (If you’re on the internet, you can use instant messaging applications like Yahoo, Google, or AOL).

You can’t withdraw or add funds by phone – the bankroll method requires you to have a phone that is on and that has an internet connection. These methods also tend to require long deposit times on these tips on how to play lottery.

The ‘C offline ‘ method of money transfer is the most widely used and used method of money transfer. This method though can only be done face to face and the funds are dealt to you via a cashier.

Funds are given to the card company and you would have to say goodbye to your money and hope that the same person would be the one to give you the funds.

All the above methods of payments, depositing and withdrawing require you to give your personal details, and with all these methods you tend to lose the element of surprise.

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When you apply for a credit card, (Apply for a credit card by learning what’s on the credit card issuer website), you give your credit card number, and when you’d like to add funds, you give your credit card number and other information. You’re then eligible for a free credit report from the credit card issuer.

What you need to do is go to a website and read up on the laws and regulations with regards to online credit transactions so that you aren’t caught in the act of depositing funds to an online gambling site, and also see what other people are saying about the site you are considering.

See if any reviews or articles have been written about this site – you can also read online comments about a site, but please be careful with comments and opinions expressed by others online.

Because it may not be completely accurate and may be written by people with political inclinations, and you are very keen to avoid any doubts or statements that would cause you to doubt the ratings that other people place on the site.

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