Best Big Bang Song Korean
Best Big Bang Song Korean

Best Big Bang song Korean is known as the best songs from past years until now. BIGBANG has created a lifetime’s worth of music since their start in 2006, with the completion of their MADE album. 

Starting in February, members of the group will begin to fulfill South Korea’s mandatory military draft, ushering in a new chapter for the group. But, in the interim, it’s always interesting to reflect on the group’s decade of achievements.

Lists of The Best Big Bang Song Korean

Here, we have collected for you some of the best songs from Big Bang. You can access these songs free only on

1. Fantastic Baby

“Fantastic Baby” was a major change for the quintet when it was released in 2012. The pulsing EDM components were novel in K-pop at the time, and the English catchphrases (“wow, fantastic baby,” “boom shakalaka,” “I want to dance dance dance”) helped the record gain a global following. 

That, and the fashion-forward, eclectic music video, which featured the most eclectic version of BIGBANG to yet.

2. Haru Haru

Because of its expressive lyrics and unforgettable harmonies from the group’s vocalists, the hip pop “Haru Haru” catapulted BIGBANG into the K-pop big leagues. 

“Haru Haru’s” clattering beats and dramatic, conversational raps blended with the melancholy piano melody to walk the fine line between dance music and ballad, something BIGBANG has mastered over the years. In South Korea, the lovely tune is still one of BIGBANG’s most popular songs.

3. Lies

The first BIGBANG hit, “Lies,” started with a dial tone and was created around a quiet piano, brassy percussion, and a clapping beat. 

“Lies,” with its catchy, surging chorus and some rapid-fire lyrics, propelled BIGBANG away from their R&B and hip hop comfort zones and toward the realm of avant-garde experimentalism for which they’ve been known in recent years.

4. Let’s Not Fall In Love

Starting with T.O.P’s sensitive verse instead of his usual deep-voiced rap, the sad “Let’s Not Fall In Love” presented a more inspired, mature perspective on the BIGBANG’s softer side from the outset. 

“Let’s Not Fall In Love,” which featured a range of voice samplings, acoustic melodies, and hazy synths, mimicking a flood of emotions through hazy vocals and unexpected tempo-shifts to produce a great picture of BIGBANG’s famous heartbreaking dance ballads.

5. Bad Boy

BIGBANG’s roots have stayed firmly planted in expressive hip hop and R&B over the years, despite their bangers and ballads. Due to its airy swagger and swaying raps, “Bad Boy” was one of the first Korean songs to debut a calm, tropical sound and remains one of the band’s most iconic songs to date.

6. Love Song

The lyrical “Love Song” is the purest pop-rock ballad in BIGBANG’s discography. “Love Song” avoids a hard rap sound in favor of soaring harmonies, as do the best BIGBANG melodies. 

The single includes outstanding vocal performances from the fivesome as their voices mix together towards the song’s growing conclusion, blending electronic and acoustic instrumentals.

7. Fxxk It

BIGBANG’s final song as a fivesome will be “Fxxk It,” but its overwhelming sonic aspects should be plenty to keep listeners entertained for a while. 

The pounding electronic tune features all of BIGBANG’s best parts, including strong voices, dramatic raps, and unusual beats. If there was any dispute about the band’s feelings, the explicit title reads like a literal “fxxk you” to Korea’s straightlaced music industry.

8. Monster

BIGBANG are at their most dramatic in “Monster,” an uptempo single that conveys a denial of one’s own identity (“I love you baby, I’m not a monster”). As the members ruminate on their state of mind, the song’s tight structure contrasts soft melody against orchestral cacophonies. 

The sorrowful vocals blend beautifully with the instrumentals, but it’s T.O.P and G-sneaky, Dragon’s subtle intro and outro refrains that give “Monster” the ideal of eeriness.

Have you made a plan to download one of the best Big Bang song Korean? Or will you download all of them and enjoy it?

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