Moon Princess Slot

Moon Princess is a Play’n GO online slot game with an 8X8 grid layout. Matching three or more symbols horizontally or vertically yields a win. Among the features are “left behind wilds,” Trinity, and a free spins round in which players can select one of three possibilities.

Before playing for real money, try the Moon Princess demo slot machine online for free without downloading anything or registering.

RTP 96.0%
Game TypeSlots
Max winUnspecified
Payout systemWinlines

Moon Princess Review 2023

Visuals & Soundtrack

These Moon Princess demo design features are all very good. High-quality graphic design is combined with complex and personality-filled animations.

The background of gently moving hearts complements the well-drawn and continually moving sprites, while the reels are filled with bright and exciting symbols. The animations keep everything moving for the player, whether it’s the winning cascades, the numerous counters, or the princesses themselves.

The soundtrack is also excellent. a parody of the Sailor Moon scores with a soft enough tone to prevent gratings.

Moon Princess Demo Theme & Storyline

Source to slot gacor 2023 site, the slot world is rife with knockoff and copyright-eluding titles, but few are done with the elegance and respect for their source material that Moon Princess is. Moon Princess by Play’n GO is inspired by Sailor Moon, an anime series based on the manga of the same name.

While Moon Princess does not provide much substance to explain its setting, the characters are lively. Each of the “Princesses” wears a Japanese schoolgirl dress and possesses a magical ability that serves as a fun feature on the reels.

Moon Princess presents a familiar, but nonetheless pleasant and upbeat, world in which to lose oneself for anime lovers or those who appreciate a more Polly Pocket-like visual scheme.

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Moon Princess Gameplay

Moon Princess pays out when three or more symbols appear in a row in a straight line, either vertically or horizontally.

Winning symbols are eliminated, and new winning combinations are formed by allowing the symbols to tumble down. In Moon Princess, there are no fresh symbols that drop from above the reels like in a regular cascade slot. Instead, after each cascade, the multiplier for all following cascades in the current spin is increased by one.

The middle symbol is not destroyed if the winning combination has exactly three symbols. Instead, a Wild emerges from it.

There are several more features to keep things interesting. In addition to a bonus where the player can select one of three games with different levels of volatility, there are several counters and triggerable elements. The details of them are provided below.


Moon Princess gets off to a good start as a highly volatile slot with a good return to player. The outstanding design, fast and varied gameplay, and creative bonus and feature systems, on the other hand, are what really sell this slot.

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