Featured National Team Players who are the Pride of Indonesia

The game of football is a game that is quite enjoyed by many people. This game is indeed a prestigious sporting event that is in the spotlight of many parties.

The existence of football is often a reason for someone to have a favourite party or club. They will certainly like quality players.

By seeing this top national team player, it will certainly make the game more fun, exciting and enjoyable. They make these best players as champions on the field.

The existence of these top national team players has certainly brought the Indonesian team to many victories in various sports games.

This excitement becomes the assumption that football is a challenging thing. It is the same when talking about sports which are the main reason or main goal of a soccer game.

In matches, the reason one becomes a soccer player is definitely to score as many goals as possible. Those who score more goals will be declared winners in the match.

These top national team players certainly have a significant contribution and role in scoring goals and in attacking strength.

With various efforts made, it is not surprising that they later become idols for domestic soccer fans. Apart from joining the national team, of course they are also part of the local clubs which have brought their name to a more presence in the world of football.

There is one of the top national team players who is also a legendary player. He is Ponaryo Astaman.

Ponaryo Astaman is certainly not a foreign player in the world of the Indonesian national team. He has been the captain of the team and led the national team in matches which were held on various occasions.

In the national team, he has a position as a midfielder and scored a fantastic goal in 2004. This action is known as a spectacular kick and made him even stronger and more popular as a superior national team player.

In online media it was also explained that thanks to the goal he did, he was able to bring the national team to victory with a 2-1 result against Qatar. With the high quality that he has, then he got the nickname, “The Milestone Man”.

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That is the reason about featured national team players who are the pride of Indonesia, hopefully it can be useful information for you.

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