Small Capital in the Sweet Bonanza Online Slot Game of Chance

There are currently many types of online slot machines, Small Capital in the Sweet Bonanza for example. But among those already mentioned, online slots are the easiest to play and understand. There are many types of online slot machine providers such as Pragmatic Play, Spade gaming, Joker Gaming, play Ohama poker, PG Soft, and Habanero.

At judi online slot providers, the pragmatic game has been loved by many bettors as it is very profitable and also has a good graphic design. So it is very easy to play and can bet with a small and affordable face value. Then the chance will be very good to crack the jackpot of hundreds of millions of rupiah from the small capital in the sweet Bonanza game.

How to Play Small Capital in the Sweet Bonanza

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Pay attention to the bet amount

Play small capital with a stake of 300 rupiah per spin. You can also activate the double chance feature to get the free spin feature with 4 scatter symbols while spinning. This function incurs an additional 25% of your stake. For example, if you wager 300 rupiah, the feature fee is 300 x 25% = Rp. 75. So you wager 375 rupiah on a spin with the option of receiving 10 free spins for free.

Play automatically

Playing the automatic spin feature allows you to enjoy the Sweet Bonanza online slot game of chance in a more relaxed manner. Very practical, isn’t it? In automatic mode you can choose whether you want to use Turbo spin or Fast Spin. And the number of auto spins starts from 10 times to 1,000 times

Buy the free spins feature

If you are a little difficult in the game to get 4 lollipop-shaped scatter symbols. Lollipops are very helpful for bettors to get the free spins feature. And you can buy this feature for 100x your stake. For example, if you wager 300 rupiahs, the price to buy the free spins feature is 30,000

Free Spins Rules

This function is given when you hit 4 or more scatter symbols. And you can start this bet with 10 free spins. And every time you get 3 or more scatter symbols. Then you will receive an additional 5x free spins and a multiplier symbol that only appears while you are playing in the free spins mode and you can receive accumulated bets from 2x to 100x.

Tips for Winning Slot Games

  • Claim your deposit bonus to receive extra credit that has been provided by the online gambling site so that you have enough capital to play with.
  • Look for slot machines that are heavily gambled on as they are usually easy to win.
  • Play with the smallest stake first.
  • Take money out when you have won a lot of bets.

You can easily access online gambling through your devices such as computers, laptops and smartphones. With the device you currently have, which is certainly very sophisticated. You can of course play comfortably while playing online slots.

It is for this reason that online gambling sites always provide a 24/7 service without interruption so that they can help players with obstacles and ensure player satisfaction on deposits and withdrawals. / Dy

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