Sugar Land Slot Demo
Sugar Land Slot Demo

You must be ready to play the Sugar Land slot demo. This game has the type of design that makes you want to gnaw your teeth simply by looking at it. Candy can be found in hundreds of various varieties in this new Playtech game, albeit not every one of them made it to the reels as symbols.

A Brief of Sugar Land Slot Demo

Sugar Land slot demo’s 5×4 reels are sufficiently large to easily support 50 lines. Over time, you may expect the game to pay out at an RTP of 96.19%, with prizes of up to 500 coins also being suggested. An average combination of features were created for this slot, including a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and free spins.

1. Betting Option

Starting with a minimum stake of $0.50, you may cover Sugar Land’s 50 lines by placing individual bets of $0.01. The line bet would be set at $2, and it appears that the maximum bet may go as high as $100.

When playing Sugar Land, your goal is to earn 500 coins. The maximum payment that a single combination of symbols may provide you is $2, meaning that the jackpot would be worth $1,000. 

However, don’t worry, the AW8 RTP of 96.19% ensures that it will pay about as well as the majority of slots that are now thought of as contemporary.

2. Game Features

The list of amenities in Sugar Land slot demo didn’t strike us as being very noteworthy. The wild sign appears at the beginning as a spherical chocolate ball with candies protruding from it. 

If other matching symbols are present on the same active line as the wild, they will also contribute to the formation of a new combination when it is used as a substitute. 

Since wild symbols cannot create their own winnings, they do not immediately pay you. They can only be seen on the second, third, fourth, and fifth reels. A wild symbol can substitute any other symbol, but not the dispersed Chocolate Bar.

Free spins may be accessed with just three scatter symbols in sight, but the catch is that those are the only symbols that are capable of appearing. Scatters may only appear on the reels 2, 3, and 4. A picture of a chocolate bar and a brand appears on the scatter.

At this stage, ten free spins can be triggered. The game will turn candy symbols into extra wilds and extend the free spins if you collect Gravy Boats from the reels when they occur. The Red Candy turns into a Wild when you collect three Gravy Boats. 

When you have 7 gathered, the Orange Candy will follow suit, and you’ll also start 3 extra spins. Finally, after gathering 12 Gravy Boats, the Green Candy is turned into a wild and an additional 2 free spins are added to the total.

3. Theme and Design

Every aspect of Sugar Land slot demo’s theme revolves on sugar, regardless of its form. Mountains of sweet treats make up the backdrop image, and the symbols that appear on the reels should be somewhat similar. Images of them include chocolate bars, round candies, gummy bears, and a variety of other mouthwatering desserts.

Final Conclusion

Sugar Land slot demo is not unique among slot machines with a sugar and candy-inspired theme; most of them appear just as vibrant and sickeningly sweet as this one does. Though it could outperform some of the others due to its RTP.

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