The Craziest Poker Hand of the Year
The Craziest Poker Hand of the Year

This may be one of the weirdest poker hands you’ve ever seen, and it’s all Kevin Hart’s “fault” when he played the Craziest Poker Hand of the Year. Last year, the comedian and PokerStars Ambassador competed in a cash game television broadcast at the PokerStars Championship Monte Carlo tournament alongside Daniel Negreanu, Liv Boeree, Charlie Carrel, Faraz Jaka, and qualifier Mila Monroe. 

As luck would have it, it was the qualifier that resulted in one of the most bizarre hands ever seen on television. Just take a look for yourself and decide for yourself what’s going on here!

Kevin Hard Becomes Viral in The Craziest Poker Hand of the Year

We chatted with Kevin Hart about the hand that went viral yesterday at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure 2018. Because the show hasn’t yet aired in its entirety, this section is all we have to rely on.

However, it has already generated a slew of stories and thousands of discussions on Twitter. USA Today even ran a piece about it.

“You’ve simply got to see how much of a legend I am,” Hart remarked, beaming. “No, I’m not serious. But that was certainly one of the funniest hands I’ve ever seen.”

Hart’s Poker Plan

Hart began a serious discussion about how his plan had caused him to limp the king-three, but quickly broke character and acknowledged committing a blunder: “I made a mistake. Then she made a blunder. 

It was a situation in which she made a move, and I responded in kind. I honestly believed I had it all figured out. I didn’t, so when I saw my own hand, I said, ‘Oh wow. ‘I’ve just got the king!’

Hart had bungled that hand to an unprecedented extent on broadcast poker, but that was only half the tale. Mila Monroe, his opponent in the hand, had a worse hand, only holding a six-high. 

What is Monroe’s Massive Bluff

Different with the Craziest Poker Hand of the year Monroe’s massive bluff had gone awry. It would’ve worked if Hart had done one more double take on his cards, but she was now down to zero chips and a nice story to tell. But Hart didn’t just rake in the cash; he also did something unusual: he returned a portion of the prize money to the qualifier.

“She was such a nice sweet woman, and we had such a good time at the table.” So I brought her back in and let her play for a while longer. You’ve got to see Kevin Hart’s heart!”

Monroe’s Take Control of the Craziest Poker Hand of the Year

Hart offers an explanation for what was going through Monroe’s mind while attempting to fool him. “When I start chatting to people, that’s what occurs.” They do weird things! That’s my secret weapon! You might wonder why she would do anything like that in the Craziest Poker Hand of the Year.

But it’s due to what I did! When you keep talking, people think, ‘You know what, I’m going to show him!’ Before you know it, I’m a champion!”

In most cash games, being broke means you either go into your pocket to buy back in, or you get up from the table (saying you’re going to collect money but never returning to escape the walk of shame). 

Hart, on the other hand, granted her 15,000 USD to stay in the game this time. As Hart recalls, Monroe couldn’t believe it: “She was swept away… she was blown away!” She assumed I was lending her the money, but I told her, “No, no, I don’t want you to leave, I want you to remain.” “I’m a good man!”

Getting Know about Hart’s Participation in the Craziest Poker Hand of the Year

Hart’s participation in the PokerStars Championship Cash Game was not a one-off occurrence. He has been playing poker for quite some time. He’s an ardent poker player in between filming movies and delivering comedy acts for sold-out stadiums. 

He competed in many high-buy-in events, including the Aria’s Super High Roller Bowl and Super High Rollers in Monte Carlo and the PCA. And he’s becoming more adept at it.

“I’m getting there; I’m taking baby steps.” “With my hobbies, I’m getting closer to my ultimate aim of winning,” Hart adds.

“The more you play with these people, the more you learn to understand them,” Hart said of playing in these mega-buy-in events with some of the top players in the world. “You can see what individuals have in different areas. It’s helping me to play better and select my locations more effectively.

Finally, they still don’t know where to position me or how to assess my level of hands because I don’t show down very often.”

Patience of the Craziest Poker Hand of the Year

Patience is typically not a strong attribute for many celebrity poker players who are flown out to tournaments by tournament organizers. Some celebrities seem to lose interest after a couple of hours. Not so for Kevin Hart, who has been grinding tournament days like a full-time pro. 

He had a deep run in the 100,000 USD Super High Roller at the PCA, finally finishing 14th, just a few spaces short of the money after a day and a half of play. “I enjoy the game,” adds Hart.

“For me, patience is a byproduct of my competitive nature. When you’re at that level of competition, you have to go above and beyond to discover methods to compete.

Sitting, grinding, and comprehending are all aspects of my poker obsession. I have a mental attachment to the game. I can be patient at the table since I know that’s the last thing you anticipate. I can also amuse myself by chatting and not receiving answers from folks who never communicate. I use my time in ways that make it appear as though I’m interested, even when I’m not.”

Hart’s Real Intention

He doubled through Rainer Kempe with king-deuce versus ace-queen all in before the flop on the final hand of Day 1 of the Super High Roller. After the board gave Hart a winning pair, he burst out laughing and yelled at Kempe for getting it in with the ace-queen.

It was all in good humor, at least that was Hart’s intention of the Craziest Poker Hand of the Year. And, for almost everyone involved, Hart yelling “you’re stupid” is a completely different ballgame than, say, Phil Hellmuth doing the same. How does Hart get away with such behavior?

It’s simple for him: “Because I’m adorable. Everyone is aware of it. You can do whatever you want when you’re little and lovely. Nobody can possibly be furious with the adorable boy!”

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