The Heat Is On Slot Demo
The Heat Is On Slot Demo

Do you want to play The Heat Is On slot demo? It may appear to be a typical bank heist theme at first glance, however that is only until you examine the symbols. In this narrative, the two major characters are both lovely women dressed in attractive outfits. 

On one side, we have Jean, who is a member of the Special Task Force. Selina is taken by the other side, and she is a cat burglar. Free spins, scatter symbols, and two wild symbols are among the game’s features. It’s a 5-reel, 45-line slot machine.

A Review of The Heat Is On Slot Demo

In this scenario, the minimum wager appears to be $0.50, implying that you will spend $0.45 for the 45 lines and will also have to place a tiny extra stake of 5 coins. The option to increase the line bet exists, but the extra bet will also grow.

The Heat Is On Slot Demo

We’ve discovered that the availability of two sorts of wilds can be really beneficial in this scenario, and winnings are frequently increased as a result. It’s a game that should pay out in the typical Microgaming slot machine range.

Game Features

In The Heat Is On, both Jean and Selina are regarded as wild symbols. We have them in various symbols, thus this game actually has two wilds. Both can be used to create more winning combinations as long as they hit on the correct lines, those with matching symbols already in place. 

They can also form a combination with other wilds of the same type, which can earn you money. Having a second chance to use the wild to make a new combination is something we can absolutely get behind.

The scatter symbol depicts the Bank of America building. When you get at least three Banks on the reels, you’ll be brought to a new feature screen with at least 5 free spins to use. If you get another set of 3+ Banks in those free spins, the feature will be retriggered.

Theme and Design

The bank robbery concept isn’t uncommon these days, and we’ve certainly seen dozens of different slots with this type of symbol. The section where we have two lovely women in both positions of cop and robber is the most odd. 

Jean is a blonde police officer who appears to be a member of the Special Task Force. Selina, on the other hand, is a cat burglar who was involved in the bank robbery. The profit appears to be a suitcase full of gold bars, and she flees the crime site on a motorcycle while being pursued by a helicopter.

There are some uninteresting symbols in there, such as poker symbols, but there are also the images of the 2 main characters, helicopters, the bank, motorcycles, gold bars, and dynamite sticks with timers that we discussed earlier. Maybe with main slot online can be the right choice for your gambling choice.

Slot Verdict

This game should be a good game for most players, with a new spin on an old theme and, for the most part, uninteresting features. Well, now you can enjoy The Heat Is On slot demo for free before you place real money as a bet.

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