The Monkey Prince Slot Review

You must be searching for The Monkey Prince slot review. This IGT’s slot machine is one of several titles available these days with a Chinese-inspired theme that focuses on a popular character from the country’s legends. The main character of this slot gacor is the Monkey Prince, also known as the Monkey God in other games.

Best of The Monkey Prince Slot Review

The Monkey Prince will feature 5 reels, 4 symbols per column, and 60 active lines, giving you plenty of opportunities to win. 

By collecting Masks, you can activate several wild features, as well as scatters and free spins, but everything appears to be more complicated than in a typical slot. You could win up to $30,000 if you get the best possible combination in the game.

1. Wagering Options

In terms of the betting system, you must begin betting with a minimum of $0.60 due to the 60 lines that are active for your spins. The upper limit is clearly in high-roller territory, with a maximum value of approximately $1,800.

The top jackpot that a single combination can pay is $30,000 for a high roller, which means you get 1,000 times your line bet. In the long run, the RTP varies between 92 and 96%, which isn’t a great range to be honest.

2. Game Features

Many of the available features will be familiar to players of other slots, but The Monkey Prince’s are more elaborate and, some might argue, more interesting as a result.

Wild Logo symbols are nothing new, and they play a similar role in The Monkey Prince as they do in other games. You may substitute symbols of this type as long as you don’t expect them to replace the scatters or any of the three collectible Mask symbols. You could win up to 1,000x if you form a winning combination of 3 to 5 Wild logos.

The base game has some extra features, such as wild features that can be activated by collecting masks over time. 

There are three types of masks: blue, red, and gold, and getting five of them transforms 3-4 symbols into wilds, 1-5 reels into wilds, or 1 symbol into a surrounding wild (transforms all symbols around it). In the upper left corner is a meter that shows how many masks you have collected.

A scatter appears on the more traditional side of the feature list and will appear multiple times, triggering free spins. You could get as few as 5 free spins or as many as 50, depending on the number of triggering symbols and the wild feature you want to use. The extra features are those that are activated by using the masks.

3. Design and Theme

The Monkey Prince’s theme isn’t particularly unique, but it’s also not as common as Ancient Egypt or regular Chinese slots, so you can still have fun with it. 

The graphics are adequate, with a 3D style that isn’t distracting but isn’t particularly attractive. Logos, a red door, masks, several statues of dragons and lions, as well as multiple jewelry pieces, are all provided by the symbols. Finally, there are no unrelated icons, which is something to be thankful for.

Final Words

We found this game to be a fun slot machine, mostly because of its features. We couldn’t really recommend it because of its 92% to 96% RTP and average graphics. Well, that is our The Monkey Prince slot review for your consideration before playing it. 

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