when do pop slots rewards reset

Pop Slots is a highly engaging game that has captivated a large audience of enthusiastic online gamers. Players get to enjoy a virtual tour of Las Vegas from the comfort of their home and earn various rewards while they’re at it. The most common question among users is, “When do Pop Slots rewards reset?” Unraveling this issue will help players to optimize their approach and maximize their rewards.

When do Pop Slots Rewards Reset?

Pop Slots is a casino simulation mobile game where players can earn chips, loyalty points, and other rewards by playing slots. The primary purpose of so many prizes is to keep users engaged and motivate them towards the game. However, it’s essential to understand the dynamics of these rewards, particularly about their reset times, to reap the maximum benefits. 

What are Pop Slots Rewards?

Before discussing when they reset, we first need to clarify what exactly Pop Slots rewards are. The game provides you with a plethora of rewards, including coins, XP (Experience Points), and LP (Loyalty Points).

Coins: The main currency in the game used to spin slot machines and earn more. You naturally earn coins by winning on the slots.

XP: These are Experience Points, which help you level up in the game. When you level up, you unlock new casinos, games, and, more importantly, get free rewards.

LP: Loyalty Points are perhaps the most exciting part of Pop Slots. LPs earned in the game can be exchanged for a myriad of real-world benefits like show tickets, meals, or even hotel stays in Las Vegas. This is also a point of when do pop slots rewards reset.

When Do Pop Slots Rewards Reset?

Understanding when these rewards reset can give you a strategic advantage. However, the reset timings can be somewhat confusing for many players. Here’s what you need to know about when do pop slots rewards reset.

The in-game daily challenges usually reset at 7:00 AM Pacific Time. After the reset, new challenges appear on your screen, and once you complete them, you’ll earn rewards like free coins and XP.

On the other hand, LPs slightly differ. They don’t usually reset but accumulate over the period that a player is active. The accumulated LPs can be claimed at any time, and they will remain until redeemed, irrespective of logging out or changing devices. This accumulation system is brilliant for players aiming to collect a hefty amount of LPs.

However, it’s crucial to understand that each casino in Pop Slots tends to offer a particular number of maximum LPs daily. Once you’ve hit that limit at a specific casino, you may need to switch to another casino in the game or wait for the next day to earn more LPs.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Knowledge of these resetting mechanisms can undoubtedly prove beneficial while attempting to maximize your rewards:

Take advantage of the daily reset: Keep in mind the 7:00 AM Pacific Time reset mark for daily challenges. By ensuring you complete these challenges every day, you can keep a steady flow of coins and XP coming.

Strategic spending: Given the LPs don’t reset, it’s wise to spend them strategically. Save up LPs for those extravagant Las Vegas privileges.

Switch Casinos: Don’t spend too long in one casino as each has an LP limit. Once you hit it, switch to a different one to keep earning.

Regular Login: Consistent logins will ensure you don’t miss out on any loyalty bonuses.


In conclusion, understanding the reset time of Pop Slots rewards is key to getting the most out of this engaging game. Between daily bonuses, leveling up, and loyalty points, the winning potential is considerable. For veteran and new players alike, the key lies in attention to detail and strategic gameplay to maximize the benefits. Now that you’re armed with this new knowledge, may the slots be ever in your favor. That is all about when do pop slots rewards reset and you can start playing at situs judi resmi.

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